How to use the Canva Create An Animation feature to add custom animation to any graphic on your design.

Canva Create An Animation Tutorial

With Canvas Create An Animation feature, you can add custom animation to any graphic for a stunning visual effect. In this Canva tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to use this powerful new feature to animate elements on Canva. You’ll learn how easy it is to create a custom animation using any graphic of your choice.

With Create An Animation, you can add your unique custom animation by simply dragging elements across the screen to record the path. You can also select from various movement styles, adjust your animation speed, and more.

Learn how to bring your design from ordinary to extraordinary in minutes with just a few clicks. Watch now and master the art of animation on Canva!


[00:07] Canvas Create An Animation Tool
[00:38] Open Canva Project
[01:11] Add Graphic To Your Project
[02:27] Access Create An Animation
[03:04] Draw Path For Animation
[03:23] Select Movement Style: Original, Smooth, or Steady
[03:51] Orient Element To Path (Toggle)
[04:03] Select Speed (Slider Bar)
[04:47] Create A Bouncing Animation
[06:38] Create A Rotating Animation


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