How to use Canva Magic Design to instantly create stunning presentations on any topic.

Canva Magic Presentation Demonstration

Want to create amazing presentations quickly and easily? Canva’s AI Powered Magic Design feature is the answer!

In this short video, you’ll learn how to use this powerful tool to instantly create stunning presentations with just a few clicks. With Canva’s intuitive AI design tools and beautiful templates, you’ll be able to make impressive presentations in no time!

Simply describe the type of presentation you want to create, and Canva Magic Design will provide you with several AI generated presentation templates that you can select from. The presentation templates will include relevant information and images about your desired topic.

Once you select a template, you can customize the fonts, colors, backgrounds and more to really make your presentation stand out. Stop struggling with tedious design tasks and discover how easy it can be to create amazing presentations – watch now!


[00:06] Canva’s Magic Presentation (AI Powered)
[00:39] Open New Canva Presentation
[01:02] Access Magic Design
[01:31] Describe your presentation topic
[01:58] View AI Generated Presentation Templates
[03:29] Select & Customize Template
[04:22] Magic Presentation Demonstration


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