I’ve got some updates for you guys for some of my story tools and templates and the first update you may notice is, in fact, they have a new place where I’m keeping them so rather than going to my old blog like uh used to have here where if you just go down to my miscellaneous story development templates and click and you know do all the things here go to my templates and whatnot rather than doing all of that um we now have a place where  you can actually grab your files just by scrolling down and picking one want and of course the spirituals and templates section here is where I keep all my latest updates I do have one for archives which most of these new updates will have links to both uh the current updates and the old archive ones so would you be sure to check that out but I want to just give you a quick overview of what um I have out now and then what’s coming so we’ll just take a quick look here so the first you’ll see is the Kindle Villa Book Tracker uh we’re up to Beta 4B now the Bear in mind that what beta 4B means is that we’re not at five um but it has been enough it’s been over a year since the last update but uh we do have some quality of life updates so I just want to show you that real quick um here in beta 4 it’s still beta four but now what we’ve got is I’ve changed a few things including just something minor here like instead of total readers it’s now total reads and the reason is because I wanna for five I want to do Book Tracker Resource Management computer all right Resource page so if there’s any area Saturday month for example you’ll see Tell Me You Like It by uploading it but Words uh but over here you’ll see what’s a feature request feedback tool that’s a able to manage your about that in another video so this is actually work again here’s just some of the the ways all basically takes you the same place also you know voting’s for those and all that and so you can post your ideas and and then again just a reminder that you and then some of the values over here archive section where you can get older are fixed at now but it just reminds you what they are but it you know once you’re here on the but this is strictly for the kind-level but uh the archive versions available to but um calculated but there’s a few things here can do that so can go and find it can go to the old archives which is  I can um post your ideas speaking of if coming course check the comments for more details details if there happens to be any more did not show you but there’s a new different thing if you go here I’m going down here end exchange ideas so um but this reminds extra data sections here like episode features that you’re looking forward to follow because all these sections here going to be reviewing how a lot of these have there are people are starting to have this particular version will take here is just again helps me understand how to respect the copyright all that how to use it including how to update it ideas Tab ideas generator same format same design ideas generator the keyword isn’t on ideas that means you know go to the ideas you’re going to do that on the if you want to give me feedback um for if you want to go beyond the current importantly is when you go into the in this will take you to the most recent instead of 30.
                                                    So just a little quality instructions so interact with ideas is the link you would go to do that and it looks nicer just want to keep it simple know how you’re responding to this this light things like that but uh more like I fixed some of the um the errors limit you can review the change log looped-in board over here me know so if you wanted me to actually nicer to look at so if you want to be not used very much like there’s a lot of or if you’re a reader or if you’re a or that you want me to implement of order to for me to improve it it is not other resources page you can look and see what is being people going there now but not a lot of people interacting with the tool I’ve progress because it’s sort of an ongoing reading a little better certainly you release section but I’m leaving it in reports if you want to see it’s coming resource Library so anytime you click resource library that I just showed you resources will be then I’ll move it over section now that tells you how to use it so for now this is temporary but it is so if you you know if you do plan to use so remember the idea is it’s the book so you can now get an overview on how to some more fine-tuning on how users are star tool a two star tool like you let still around that I’d still like people still live stuff so technically it’s already here that’s tells you the right column to update in that I’ve actually cleaned up the that you want to see other writers write that’s important about this particular the book ideas generator I’ve talked the things that are ready for release themselves this is more like disclaimers then down here you’ll have links to my then go back in time and drive it there thing think of the tool this is basically what we’re looking at this is the link in which you want to this link regardless of what beta we’re this tool here I’ve got an official through my blog which you know that’s to show you that one in person to use it too is tool basically it’s just a quick survey uh but um you can also go to the new and any advice you might have in and of course you can have comments and once I’m finished and so it should be a lot easier and that you should use it if you even if it’s already released You Can figuring out what all my external if you like that I just upload it if it’s using um formaloo form so you can check those out as well it the formatting is a lot nicer to look the next thing this also just reminds you where you this is just some of the notes and this is technically in the ready to this is very similar to the book this will actually take you to the you can actually tell me what you know exchange ideas and see update is I’ve got a new links and update when update five comes along I’m updated formatting which I just showed use it by clicking on this video version so I’ll update it on the back versions which is useful if you don’t very easy answers lets me know what you vote for things but the things they’re voting on doesn’t make a lot of sense want all the bells and whistles if you want for future updates but this one want to say what to expect about the resources what we’re looking at about but the what you like about the tool how you’d what’s uh what could be popular where you can give feedback for ideas where you get the latest edition or you where you want to follow progress which I’m always helpful or happy to will give you access to the instructions with instructions so the new version with the archives and with this road-map worked on so like right here these are write the tool like do you is it a five writer who wants to see what’s popular you can go and look for ideas it’s still you do decide that you want to post, if you wish to get that there and if you know it’ll let me scroll come on you that it’s still out there that’s you to uh I think it’s 13 questions you want to give me feedback on the tool you know and that’s the other thing you’ll see that now it actually says 60 and then you’ll see what’s coming for future Edition so you’ll get a seat preview here  some new feature differentiate between written and publish total word count so look at my own workout for the hybrid City entrepreneur which I intend to schedule a lot weeks in advance I was thinking it would be nice to see the difference between how many words I’ve written and how many I’ve published and then of course my extra comment here is I think this will work automatically if I use the date features and formula which is like more of a note to myself but basically what this would be and of course again in the comments you can see that I’m planning at least with beta 5.
                                                     Basically if you want to see what my ideas are for the future this is where you’d go to look for them, this would be the best resource because I you’re going to find that over here in the tool I actually do have a couple more tabs in the waiting um I have a change log which tells you everything that’s been added so you can see the history this is basically right off of what I got off my blog but you will see that I’ve got a new section for being a 4B which is what we’re looking at now and then over here I got the feature plans the feature plans this is more static this is not a final list of things that will come in order to guarantee if things to come it’s just ideas that I have the nice thing about the internal tool is you can sort them uh by idea order Palm alphabetical by upcoming features which I don’t know why anyone would do that but it’s there’s a case of the best one goes by Beta release because then you can see oh my what my future plans are from the more uh broad spectrum View and of course you can see what’s already been uploaded and implemented and then you can see more details on what that would actually include but I do recommend you come here to the robot tool instead because I actually have more ideas on this page and I do on that sheet including I think this is a not on the um the actual chart I think this is only on the road-map uh report reader stats on best viewed episode was it that one one of these is exclusive to this road-map anyway you can see more clearly what I’m working on and then if you have ideas again go to the ideas section and then post them I don’t have anything here yet uh but if there’s something that is not on the current road-map that you think should be go to ideas and post them and then of course if you see an idea that you like up-vote it and then also if you see a card here that you’re looking forward to up of that as well um it just tells me you’re interested in it regarding ideas this is important because if you if you have a thing that you like that you want to see come sooner than later the Voting is what makes a difference and obviously the higher the vote the more likely it’ll show up in a uh in a sooner beta if that makes sense so anyway but that’s kindle-vela The Book Tracker the latest edition I’m gonna probably have five out reasonably soon because you’ll notice in my road-map plans for five should not be that difficult to pull off oh by the way guys if any of you use reader polls let me know what your experiences with that because I don’t use them I’m not quite sure how to integrate it with the book tracker yet because again I don’t use them so I’m not sure how the valid tracker should use them either so let me know your ideas if you come to the road map tool list some comments for me just let me know how you use your polls and that’ll be helpful to me I might actually post an idea for um because I needed I still need to know how returns works I haven’t had my return my episodes I need to know if returns are counted or if they’re um if they’re like likes further once they’re there they’re always there so anyway the other tool is coming up um I’m going to do this one more abstract because I have another video that I’ll be releasing later in the month it’s going to be a little more in depth but I’ve got the latest edition of the scrivener nanowrimo basic template for 2022 it’s actually you can get it now I’ll talk more about it in the next video but again if you go to the resource page you’ll see it’s already uploaded ready to to get the new things that you’ll get here is there’s a section for ideas so if you want to track your ideas here there’s a new chart where you can do that and you can write them so if you if you have a bunch of ideas that you that you’re tempted right on but you know you can only focus on one at a time you can list all your ideas over here and then many comments you want to make about those ideas over here but then you’ll actually give them a number and the number one is one that you would easily work on for this year’s nanowrimo and then again if there’s any that you want to work on later in the year you have that archive so that’s the purpose of this section and of course this uh up here reminds you about the book ideas generator but the other thing I have that’s new with the sections of social media planner and again I’m going to talk more about this in the next video that’s exclusive to the uh my annual nanowrimo video so the 2022 Edition is coming out probably middle of the month so keep an eye open for it but it’ll again it’ll tell you how to use this template and show you what more it’s all about but you can start playing with it now and get a feel for it essentially the social media planners if you have followers and you want to keep them up to date with your nanowrimo progress while you’re doing the November one or one of the camp nanowrimos this new planner will help you plan your campaign I think that’s uh the Kindle Villa tracker has one similar to that again if we go back to one of the book sections here sorry my computer’s slow that’s why I can do a lot of clicks but not a lot of happens you’ll see I have a very similar section here for social media planning this one’s really basic in comparison the one for the nanowrimo tool you’ll see in the how-to you’ll see I’ve got some pretty extensive plans here anyway go ahead and download it check it out and then I’m going to talk more about it in the next video in the next couple of weeks so you can come back for it see more how to use it the other thing I want to tell you guys I’m going back to the tools here you’ll see that I have my story planning General Alpha 2. you may not actually know about this one because most of the videos are unlisted and I have them tied in directly to my blog which again if you go back to my blog over here oh I’m sorry by the way I have a a road-map for that template also if you want to use the basic the nanowrimo basic template give me ideas for them I have a road-map for that as well so do make sure you check that out again I’ll talk more about that in the next video so I’m not gonna get too in depth of that but if you go into my template section here you’ll find that I’ve got another template called the story planning General here I can apologize for the slowness of the response time of things but this is the story plan in general overview it’s a pretty extensive thing I haven’t updated in about two years I actually do have some new things coming I can’t actually remember what they are because it’s been so long since I’ve picked at it but I do want to let you guys know that this exists because I do have an alpha 3 coming out I think this year and it’s certainly again it’s going to show up in the um in the archives or that’s already in the up the template section here but essentially what it does is this is like the huge uh Master planner for for nanowrimo sorry for uh any story you’re working on and you’ll see I have this long chart of ideas here one of the things I’m going to be adding to the new Alpha 3 is like this Jahari window it’s actually not only have anything listed there yet but um there’s some backstory tools some additional templates and things I want to add in here but essentially what this is is this is like a an in-depth planner for coming up with all different ideas for what your story might contain for character development story development um and I mean like you’ll see in story development we have important moments I think you have a template for that you’ve got um sum up let’s see page turning method so if you’ve got some tips for how to get your uh readers to turn the page like there’s some things in here they’ll give you that and Sample scene cards where you can write down what you want I mean it’s extensive and crazy and and probably unnecessary in a lot of ways Alpha but there’s a lot of this is already enough to the alpha three to have even more features and again I have to remember what’s in it the basic premise here is you don’t need everything this is for those who really like to plan in advance in as fine detail as they can you don’t have to plan and find detail you can go abstract if you want this gives you any feature you can delete anything from the template that you don’t want to use so you’re not distracted by nonsense but you know if you are like an immense planner it has to plan every pixel every fine detail this template’s supposed to give you that option and it’s supposed to go even into planning again your social media campaigns but um all your marketing your keyword research all that crap so that’s really the purpose of this template I’ve been at it since I think 2019 and it’s it’s been uh it’s been a monster uh I don’t even want to think about the word count of the template alone uh but the purpose of it is not to write your story in this thing the the purpose of this is to have like a basically a story Bible for your um for whatever your novel series whatever it is you’re working on it goes well beyond any current uh software that I know of at least not to mention give as you uh links to resources that I recommend if you want to learn how to write a story you know it’s all these are all free resources here and the templates free so if you have scrivener that’s really all you need to pay for is scrivener and then you can get you know you can have an entire course worth of information plus an option for for developing your story but again this is not really a place to write your story a place to store ideas to create foundations for your work and then get into detail about whatever you want your story to contain and again you can kind of get a snapshot of the features so again I’ll do a more prominent video for this uh sometime in the future I just I don’t know when Alpha 3 will be released uh this is another one that typically gets released in September October I didn’t do one last year uh so again I just had so much else going on but I do think Alpha 3 will be ready this year if I can sit down long enough to actually focus on it anyway I want to let you guys know about all that’s coming and all that’s out now so do go ahead and check out this resource Library The Story tools and templates resource Library I’ll link it in the comment in the description below so you can get it um you can just jump right in or you can also go to my template page here if you want to find out more about what each one is because this is where all the descriptions are so if you do need to have a better idea of what these things do then you can come here up bring up on them but anyway that’s what’s going on with the latest updates so I won’t be doing another nanowrimo template until next year so 2022 with all the latest features if I do a 2023 before November again you’ll find out in the road-map tools so make sure you subscribe to that I will have a road-map tool for the story planning General at some point I haven’t made it yet but that’s coming soon of course there’s one now for Kendall Bella Book Tracker but they all work the same way they all interact the same way um so do make sure you use it it’ll let me know what you want regarding feedback tools only Kendall Bella tracker’s got it right now I don’t have one for nanowrimo I might put one out thereat some point so again if I have one I’ll probably end up putting it in the update section for now and then I’ll probably put an official feedback form in the 2023 version but I don’t think it’s as important for feedback for at least out right now I might well I probably should post one at some point the thing is I may end up doing another feedback tool at some point so I just I don’t know for now let’s just see how the one for came available works but anyway that’s um that’s what’s going on with the Channel with my templates if you’re wondering why the heck I haven’t updated anything in over a year that’s why uh but things are moving again  so check them out do you make sure you like subscribe to All Things You Tubers tell you to do comment below what you like about the new updates or what you don’t like uh but more importantly tell me what you like and don’t like in the the road-map tools because again they’re there I paid a lot of money for them to use them please please and thank you and the other thing is that if you have another Temple you’d like me to write to create or if you have something else that you have an idea for you feel like I would be good at making mention that too I might consider something I will tell you that one of the things I have planned for Vela five is uh I’ll show you real quick and we’ll end on this if I can get my thing to get there quick enough if you look down here you’ll find that I’ve got plans sorry you’ll find that plans for a character tracker database and then by six I’ll have one for locations and items I want to have a section that will track characters the same way of attracting the stories so I think that’ll be fun and I do hope to have that for that’ll be the big feature for five so that’s something you look forward to but other than that that’s what’s new so I hope you all liked it so that’s it for now we’ll see you next time and uh have a good day start your uh your nanowrimo planning soon because now you can remember there it is.

By Smitha